Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Beauty in Vintage Furniture

Aside from the architectural design and the building materials that made up a house, what transcends an abode into a more breathtakingly beautiful place is the furnishing that goes with its interior. Despite how small is the area of your house, if it is accentuated with good and nice furnishings, then everything will be transformed into something elegant or classy.

One best example of a good home furnishing that can truly make your home interior uniquely nice is the vintage furniture. Many interior designers, especially those in the urban areas, resort into vintage furniture when it comes to creating a unique and “laid back”” atmosphere inside the house. It, however, still depends on the mood or “feel” the house owner wants for his/her house. Furthermore, it also depends on the design of the house because it is odd to put vintage furniture in a house that has a futuristic theme. Such will be so off-tangent.

Meanwhile, what makes vintage furniture stand out from other home furnishings is the mere fact that it is customize – such as the feeling that you are the only person here on Earth, who has that furniture. Vintage furniture is rare to find and has only limited number of supply per every kind. Furthermore, vintage furniture is simply a home furnishing that is old or antique already, yet it has retained its beauty and good quality. There are some owners that will just retain the original appearance of the vintage furniture despite that it has already some glitches; while others chose to give their vintage furniture some new touches – either covering the parts that are distorted already or “re-invent” it into another look.

In a broader spectrum, choosing vintage furniture as part of your house’s interior design can also contribute in addressing environmental concerns because it encourages the concept of recycling. It connotes the importance of checking your junks and segregating what is really garbage and what is still useful (or, which can be of “vintage” look). Most of the vintage stuffs are actually recycled things, and it depends on the artistry and creativity of an individual in making these vintage materials as useful and suitable with the interior design of one’s home. The challenge also in designing one’s home with vintage furniture is to find the perfect spot in the house where the furniture will suit well. There are homeowners that really don’t mind where to place and how to arrange their furnishings as long as they are comfortable with the arrangement. There are others, however, who are very particular about synchronization and proximity of the furniture inside the house, and where the vintage furniture should be placed.

Meanwhile, you should take into consideration that placing vintage furniture inside the house is not that easy. Vintage furniture is already unique in itself; hence, finding the right spot in the house where it can retain its uniqueness is quite challenging. There are some vintage furniture that lost its “luster” because it is placed in an area in the house where it cannot shine or has “drowned” by other furnishings in the house. Getting an expert interior designer will help a lot in arranging vintage furniture in the house.

Despite all of these, what matters most is that a house is a home regardless of what furnishing it has. Comfort first before luxury.